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Fairy Floss - what would childhood be without it? It's sticky, sweet airiness brings memories of summer days spent under the circus tent, or meandering through the country fair's exhibits.

Let's not forget nights spent on the carnival's Ferris wheel, cotton candy in one hand while the other grips the car's bar for dear life.

Fetes, Festivals, Openings, Corporate Events, Fundraising ETC...

Available on a stick, in a bag or in a bucket!

Standard Flavours
Cocktail Flavours No alcohol content
Raspberry (pink)
Pina Colada (yellow)
Banana (yellow)
Screwdriver (orange)
Lime (green)
Strawberry Daiquiri (pink)
Coconut (white)
Blueberry (blue)
Bubblegum (purple)
Pineapple (yellow)

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